Coffin transport Catafalque easy transportation

Catafalque simplified coffin transport

coffin transport / catafalque The DFW Trans Catafalque is used in almost all crematoria as a temporary ‘way station’ and for the transport of the coffin. With its high degree of functionality and reliability it has proven itself in practice for many years now as highly valuable. The car is fitted with castors, making it very light and easy to move.

Coffin transport the Catafalque

At the top of the catafalque a number of rolls are placed so that a minimum effort is needed for loading and unloading of a coffin.

The DFW Trans Catafalque can be equipped with a matching skirt, to obscure the castors and frame. This creates a beautiful assembly. For an elegant finish, the catafalque can be equipped with a wooden top which, like the skirt, can be delivered in all kind of colours.